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Our Story

It started with a full moon.

Full moons are a sacred time for witches. We drink to honour Venus, we wear nothing but the sky, and we dance freely by the fire. We connect to the power and magic that flows through the air, and before we do this, we scrub and cleanse ourselves of old energies to welcome in the new. 

The act of hand crafting a potion for my bath was so rewarding, so creative, so soothing, I knew I had fallen instantly in love. As I mixed together the oils and flowers, immersed myself in the scents and feelings, I realised it was an experience I wanted to share with the whole world.

Love Witch Self Care is about interactive self love. 

It's not just a bath bomb or sheet mask. It's about mixing, meditating, grounding, and growing. 

Each item allows you to re-connect, re-ground, and re-discover the simple luxury of true self care. 


Each product is a door, a portal into an immersive world of spiritual rewards and inner power. 

Explore. Enlighten. Enjoy.