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Romantic love. Platonic love. Self love. This magic packed potion is used to seek out, call forth, and magnify love into your life. Hand selected herbs, flowers, and crafted oils are essembled during a full moon to create this special little charm. A perfect gift for you or a loved one. Wear it as a gentle reminder to love yourself, use it as a beacon to guide new love onto your path, or gift it to a special someone as a constant reminder of your love for them. This magic charm is versatile, beautiful, and endlessly rewarding.

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    The love potion charm can be worn every day.

    Do not open, so as to avoid spilling any of the carefully selected ingredients. 

    Rose Quartz, Blessed Rosemary, Apple Seeds, Vanilla Essential Oil, Persian Rose Petals, Cinnamon, Dandelion Wish

    Assembled beneath a full moon