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Bind. Banish. Hex. 

A triple action spell to get rid of that one stubborn shadow that darkens your doorstep. Whether its an ex, abuser, toxic friend, or all around bad seed, the ancient practice of poppet magic has been helping witches escape and expell negative energies from their path for centuries. 

Crafty, cethardic, and empowering, this kit promotes releasing hurt, anger, and bad intentions from within, in order to avoid carrying them with you in real life. 

Express yourself! Reclaim your power! Cut out the toxic, and make way for the positive! 

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    This spellwork is powered by feelings of pain, betrayal, and abuse. 

    Thus, it cannot be used to hurt, attack, or curse innocent parties. 


    Each kit includes Banishing Powder, Binding Thread, Hexing Pins, one doll, one mini ritual candle, and easy to follow instructions.