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This luxurious and magic packed bath kit is a powerful moment of self-love to add to your week. Transform your bathtub to a couldron with a love potion mixed by your own hands. Hibiscus tea, precious saffron, persian roses, and sweet oranges make this a bath to remember. Each kit comes with a powerful Love Sigil, hand crafted and magically charged beneath a full moon. Glitter, rose quartz, and cinnamon incense give the energy a feminine touch of romance while blessed Epsom and rose water will soothe and relax. 

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    Each kit will come with easy to follow spellwork instructions.


    Rose Water, Blessed Moon Water, Saffron, Roses, Hibiscus Tea, Red Food Colouring (124, perservatives 211,202. food acid 330), Epsom Salt, Rosemary, Rose Quartz Crystals, Dehydrated Orange Slices, Body Safe Glitter, Cinnamon Incense Cone, Water Solluable Paper